South Florida born and raised, a personality unlike any other, Laura Elisa defines the word unique. She is intelligent, outgoing, sociable, fun and creative. A 28 year-old natural Brazilian & Italian. Not having her parents around in her childhood led her to grow up attached to the hip with her older brother which ended up giving her the characterization of a tomboy. Throughout her childhood she envisioned an attitude like one of the boys, an appearance of a girl, concurrently maintaining the interest to be different.

She was always very skinny and constantly made aware of it. With no one to help build her confidence Laura knew her future would be a battle of her own, but that wouldn't stop her from optimism. Laura was a gymnast for 8 years with a goal to be in the Olympics until she dislocated her knee 3 times and was diagnosed with a premature case of degenerative disc disease; that was the end of gymnastics.

Around her teens, Laura began broadening her horizons. Having inattentive parents, set out on her own under the age of 18, Laura grew out of the 'young lady' stage quicker than your average, becoming an independent woman before she knew it. After a car accident in 2006 leading her to have major gum and jaw surgery, many aspects of her life changed as well. Her ink could tell her story. Ambitious to do everything, she ended up coming across a hobby different than imagined. After friends asking to take photos of her in and out of school for projects, observing what impact the photos made on her, she considered her options and decided to enter the modeling world. Before exploring photography with her friends, modeling had never crossed her mind.

Soon after she stepped into the industry, determined and hard at work, she had nothing but bright encouragement and quick success landing commercials, magazine spreads, interviews and numerous photoshoots all before the age of 22.  The ability to portray emotion, character and beauty in a form of art inspires her desire to model. Around the middle of 2011 Laura became internally sick with obvious symptoms that disabled her to continue modeling for roughly 2 years. She brought herself back into modeling late 2013 and began focusing strictly on health and fitness.

Unfortunately, September 2013 Laura herniated 2 discs in her back lifting at the gym. With the opinions and help of many spine & orthopedic doctors she has received a total of 8 injections, one facet block consisting of 3 injections, 2 epidurals, and 3 injections in her piriformis and sacroiliac joint to minimize pain and discomfort. Although Laura continues to feel pain daily most doctors do not recommend surgery at this time. Caution and dedication to physical therapy is her main focus on the road to recovery in 2016 and further.

Despite her setbacks, Laura continues to stay determined and strive towards her goals to pursue a lifelong hobby of modeling. Aside from being a model, she is an excellent writer, talented in computer tech and graphics, excels in sales and marketing as well as business development. She has enough accomplishments on her resume that could leave you reading for hours; she can also play the guitar and piano. Along with many of her talents, because she enjoys working so much, she has always maintained a full time job. Laura's main priorities are to become a professional journalist, model and work within the music industry in some form or another. She is currently a sports writer for a college, in school, and motivated to graduate with a journalism degree. Without the accompany of family Laura strives off the feedback, attention and love she gets from friends and fans. Having no regret of her past, denial of experiences or lessons learned, Laura is headed towards greater achievements and looks forward to sharing them with all of you.