Ray Rice headed for suspension?!

"Ray’s character, you guys know his character, so you start with that," says John Harbaugh, head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Raymell Maurice Rice (a.k.a Ray Rice) has continually been a popular football player within the Ravens community and NFL fanbase. At age 27, reaching 5 feet 8 inches tall, 212 pounds, Ray Rice has resilient body strength, a humble personality, and career stats that corroborate his ongoing recognition. As a valuable, multifaceted running back, he has proven to be a favored teammate.


Recently, Rice had shown a slight change in his honorable talent. In 2012, he rushed a total of 1,143 yards and 9 touch downs as well as winning his first Superbowl. 2013 approached and things were a little different. It was the first year he didn't hit the 1,000 yard mark since his rookie season in 2008. During week 2, Rice suffered a hip flexor injury, damaging his potential. He pushed through the discomfort and finished the season with only 660 total rushing yards and 4 touchdowns.

With numbers so low, Ray Rice was faced with the judgement and criticism of the public. Not only did he have an off season, just last week he was arrested for a domestic altercation with his fiance, Janay Palmer. A few days later, a video surfaced the media of Rice dragging her unconscious body through a casino elevator. The first emotion that comes to one's mind is shock and immediate sympathy for his fiance. Although her wellness is of utmost importance, it's also important to take a step back and look at the facts of the situation.

Should the Baltimore Ravens suspend arguably one of the best players left on their team? Take a look at linebacker Terrell Suggs. He was never suspended for allegations stating he punched his girlfriend in the neck. The difference between the two stories is a surveillance video. The issues concerned in the surveillance video ultimately fall back onto previous behavior, actions before the initial incident. We do not know whether she was unconscious from intoxication or domestic violence, but what we do know is without the facts we can't be so quick to slam the gavel down.

Luckily for Ray Rice the Baltimore Ravens have always maintained a family atmosphere. General manager Ozzie Newsome and head coach John Harbaugh undoubtedly stand by their players during difficult measures. But is that enough to keep Rice on the field in the upcoming season? The Ravens are still in the process of rebuilding and not all facts have been released so it is easy to assume he is headed for downfall. And let's not forget he is still recovering from a hip injury.


Rice has consistently proven his outstanding talent as a football player, appreciation for the community and valuation as a team leader. A suspension could potentially impair the Baltimore Ravens as a team wholeheartedly. Therefor, we can only hope the outcome of this injurious situation is a positive.

To be continued...


Pacific Sunwear of California (PacSun)

Do you remember the first day you walked into the clothing store that became your favorite? I was probably about 15 years old when I discovered Pacific Sunwear of California (better known as PacSun). At the time I was such a tomboy. The idea of a surfer girl attracted me and the appearance of PacSun gave off just that; I immediately became a regular. Its transformation over the years has been pretty substantial.


Incorporated in 1980, PacSun earned its spot in the challenging retail world. In 1982, with only 2 stores open for business in California, they generated $1 million in annual sales. Continuing to expand the chain, obtaining a venture capitalist investor and opening new stores, in 1988 PacSun reached $18 million in annual sales. Taking a hit from the depression of consumer retail, in 2009 store sales dropped 20%. PacSun was in desperate need of change. I recall the moments I would often walk into PacSun and leave without a purchase. I stopped shopping there for about 4 years.

In addition to the surf style of merchandise, PacSun decided to bring creativity and diversity to their stores, adding fashion, skateboarding, and music to its cultural mix. Over the past 2 years I started noticing traffic rapidly increase and decided to step in their stores every so often. PacSun made a beneficial change and it absolutely shows. 2013 revenues totaled $803.1 million.

Pacific Sunwear now has over 600 stores in all 50 states. One of my greatest accomplishments as a model was landing a t-shirt with the brand V/SUAL Apparel (by Van Styles), which is now available in all PacSun stores and on their website. Who would have thought, the store I used to shop regularly as a teen was now selling a t-shirt featuring me. It's an honor and I'm very grateful. Not many people get a chance to see t-shirt of themselves displayed in front of every Pacific Sunwear store, it's pretty overwhelming. I've been modeling on and off for 4 years. Just goes to show you, it can take 1 year or it can take 5 years for you to achieve a goal. Patience is a virtue and if you believe it you can achieve it.


Back again...

Hey everyone! I know I've been ghost for quite a bit. Since I herniated 2 discs, I haven't really been able to do much of anything besides rest and be careful not to reinjure myself. Back injuries are your worst nightmare, they take almost an 'eternity' to heal and any time you move a certain way you open up the possibility of injury reserve all over again. I lost 9 pounds since my injury and it's been hard to gain it back. My body literally intakes food and it disappears within me. ツ  Soon as I gain a few more pounds and get back into shape I'll be ready to shoot more often. I've started dedicating myself to exercising in my living room and I have to say it is now an addiction. Although I can't lift in the gym, nothing feels better than stretching and working out again.

In the next few weeks I plan on opening a store section on my website where you can purchase signed posters of some my photos. I will be working on a 2015 calendar towards the end of this year as well. Right now my V/SUAL by Van Styles t-shirt is available at www.pacsun.com http://www.pacsun.com/visual-by-van-styles/laura-heartbreakers-t-shirt-0097483690021.html and in all PacSun stores.

I'm moving to California this year which really excites me. I'm looking forward to pursuing modeling, going back to school for journalism, and truly focusing on my goals. I constantly hear the pros and cons about moving to California but personally I'm so focused on myself at the moment neither pro nor con is creating any judgement for me. I'll always be me. Born and raised in South Florida, I can't say I'm 100% "ready" to move to the west coast but I'm confident in adapting and becoming an achiever. Oh, and I'm also looking forward to the beautiful weather :D

I mentioned starting a fitness blog a few months ago and since my injury I've decided I want to write more than just about fitness. I will be blogging a lot more from now on. Whether it's about sports, shoes, or food, I plan on posting a blog close to everyday. To the ones that stay in touch, thank you for the continued love and support. xo


Happy Friday! :D Just wanted to thank everyone who has visited my website. The analytics have shown tremendous, great feedback. The amount of views, new viewers, daily views, etc., were way more than I expected. I am excited to build the newest part of my portfolio. It's taken so many bumps in the road to finally start back up again but I am looking forward to it more & more everyday. I've decided to dedicate myself & stay motivated enough to work out everyday and get my body fit. Although I have a great shape (because of my genes, gymnastics & fast metabolism) I haven't worked out since I was a gymnast and that was years ago so I am excited to see my body transform into something even better. Along with working out I do Yoga and AcroYoga which I absolutely love, & luckily I still have my flexibility. Working out & reshaping my body is going to be a long hard process but I'm not stopping :) Can't wait to share more new photos with you all and add some more accomplishments to my resume. I will try to update this blog more often as well. xo