Happy Friday! :D Just wanted to thank everyone who has visited my website. The analytics have shown tremendous, great feedback. The amount of views, new viewers, daily views, etc., were way more than I expected. I am excited to build the newest part of my portfolio. It's taken so many bumps in the road to finally start back up again but I am looking forward to it more & more everyday. I've decided to dedicate myself & stay motivated enough to work out everyday and get my body fit. Although I have a great shape (because of my genes, gymnastics & fast metabolism) I haven't worked out since I was a gymnast and that was years ago so I am excited to see my body transform into something even better. Along with working out I do Yoga and AcroYoga which I absolutely love, & luckily I still have my flexibility. Working out & reshaping my body is going to be a long hard process but I'm not stopping :) Can't wait to share more new photos with you all and add some more accomplishments to my resume. I will try to update this blog more often as well. xo