Pacific Sunwear of California (PacSun)

Do you remember the first day you walked into the clothing store that became your favorite? I was probably about 15 years old when I discovered Pacific Sunwear of California (better known as PacSun). At the time I was such a tomboy. The idea of a surfer girl attracted me and the appearance of PacSun gave off just that; I immediately became a regular. Its transformation over the years has been pretty substantial.


Incorporated in 1980, PacSun earned its spot in the challenging retail world. In 1982, with only 2 stores open for business in California, they generated $1 million in annual sales. Continuing to expand the chain, obtaining a venture capitalist investor and opening new stores, in 1988 PacSun reached $18 million in annual sales. Taking a hit from the depression of consumer retail, in 2009 store sales dropped 20%. PacSun was in desperate need of change. I recall the moments I would often walk into PacSun and leave without a purchase. I stopped shopping there for about 4 years.

In addition to the surf style of merchandise, PacSun decided to bring creativity and diversity to their stores, adding fashion, skateboarding, and music to its cultural mix. Over the past 2 years I started noticing traffic rapidly increase and decided to step in their stores every so often. PacSun made a beneficial change and it absolutely shows. 2013 revenues totaled $803.1 million.

Pacific Sunwear now has over 600 stores in all 50 states. One of my greatest accomplishments as a model was landing a t-shirt with the brand V/SUAL Apparel (by Van Styles), which is now available in all PacSun stores and on their website. Who would have thought, the store I used to shop regularly as a teen was now selling a t-shirt featuring me. It's an honor and I'm very grateful. Not many people get a chance to see t-shirt of themselves displayed in front of every Pacific Sunwear store, it's pretty overwhelming. I've been modeling on and off for 4 years. Just goes to show you, it can take 1 year or it can take 5 years for you to achieve a goal. Patience is a virtue and if you believe it you can achieve it.